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Posted on January 23, 2023

Legal wizard sought after in the venture capital world

You are probably not looking for a job, but you are interested in growing personally and professionally. With all this global uncertainty, you might be thinking the best thing to do is just ride it out. Only one problem, your inner voice keeps nagging you that you should be getting so much more out of your career. What if your instinct to “ride it out” is wrong? 

Keep in mind that the most successful people in this world flourish in tough times. Why shouldn’t you? Maybe it is time for you to hop on a new bus and enjoy the ride forward in a new direction. 

We are still in the early stages of building one of the most successful venture funds in the world and, although we are extremely aggressive, we are still in the build mode.  Our salary initially will not be the highest out there because we are still in growth mode, however, the potential is massive on all levels if we can continue on our trajectory.  When we win the whole C Suite will join in this victory.

Problems solved

Imagine yourself working with some of the hottest startup founders on the planet. Think Elon Musk 20 years ago.  

In the first 90 days you will conquer the following:

  • Gain understanding of the legal challenges Expert DOJO and  our portfolio companies are facing
  • Understand existing legal documents at Expert DOJO
  • Create structures and processes around people, process and.product at Expert DOJO
  • Understand legal gaps at Expert DOJO
  • Create a plan to drive legal efficiency, which will reduce expenses and drive efficiencies in-house
  • An eye for undiscovered treasure. We need legal futurists who see potential to build efficiency and liquidity where others miss it.

Please do not apply unless you have the following:

  • Excellent business legal skills - We need to plan out what Expert DOJO looks like from an organization perspective.  That's where you come in.
  • Skills to support the fast-growing team and portfolio size.
  • Strong business legal strategy and planning skills to support the founders we invest in and other stakeholders at Expert DOJO.
  • Maybe……..A strong venture knowledge having worked in a venture firm or very close to the industry.
  • A legal background.
  • A relentless personality. You must have the drive to find the systems and solutions we need to be at maximum efficiency
  • There will be a large amount of analysis and legal diligence systems needed to be implemented.  
  • Strong management skills so that you can manage the venture process through our people who find the investments.


Here are some of the responsibilities you will have if you are chosen:

  • Review all investment contracts for the DOJO
  • Review all employment and partnership contracts at Expert DOJO
  • Pursue companies who we have legal differences with
  • Work with legal council from other countries we are investing in
  • Adapt existing legal contracts for new company investments
  • Serve as the primary face of the legal team and help protect us from all threats
  • Act to protect investments where legal can be used as a tool.

Management Responsibilities

  • Systems for everything
  • Meet and exceed regular, periodic goals as established by HQ
  • Manage all people logistics at Expert DOJO.

Why we are successful

In 2019 Expert DOJO invested in our first 19 early stage startups, in 2020 we invested in 45 more fantastic founders, and in 2021 we invested in 70 companies. As this trajectory continues, in 2022 our investments increased to over 220 and it is currently three investments a week and growing fast. Additionally, we have just added a healthcare accelerator program along with a new Africa cohort.

Our portfolio statistics are equally impressive with our founder valuations having increased by over 300% during the same period. Our secret is the focus we put on growth, our global perspective and a diverse community who believe in the term "circle it forward.” Our founders are beasts and their unrelenting desire for success is only matched by ours.

Our success is due to the quality of the companies our venture partners find and their growth support of those companies during the startup journey.  

We work hard, so we take our fun seriously. As a team member, not only will you contribute to innovative projects and build a professional career, you’ll also enjoy the benefits that turn your job into a passion.

What really makes us a place where you will thrive? Our Values. We live and make decisions based on them.



Growth Obsessed

Not just investment being primary support. Every single interaction is centered around a growth outcome. 


The anti-VC. By focusing on all companies there is a much higher rate of success. We care about the mindset to grow. Counter to money buys growth

Support the Underdog

Support people who bring value to the world. The great entrepreneurs of the future come from everywhere. May the best person win, regardless of background

Coach Focused

Mentorship through coaching. We take an aggressive approach to provide best-in-class strategy and tactics to all our leaders.


Here’s your Call To Action!

We hire talented people based on a track record of your accomplishments, intellectual curiosity and value alignment. It is important to note that we don't hire based on checking off boxes of a wish list of requirements. If you have read this far, you have grit and we should meet!

Qualified candidates should send a cover letter and resume to our CEO, Brain Mac Mahon at Please mention in the subject line the title of this position.  Compensation consists of a front end and carry worth a ton if you make a difference to their growth. 

While a resume is important (which we welcome you to send), we would like to get to know you as a person. Please reach out and let us know the answers to these three important questions:


Why is this the time to take on a challenging role like this? 


What is the most significant impact you have had in your current/former role?


How can you operationally build the value of this portfolio from 1.5 billion USD to 7.5 Billion USD in the next 2 years?


** Please note that just sending a resume or providing canned responses will not receive a response. 

*** This position is full-time on-site at our office in Santa Monica. Not a remote position.

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