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Las Vegas , NV

Architects, Interior Designers & 3-D Artists

TAL Studio
Las Vegas, NV Full-time
Posted on July 28, 2018

TAL Studio Architects, Interior Designers & 3-D Artists TAL Studio is an award winning international hospitality design studio with top-tier destination commissions throughout North America, the pacific islands, the Caribbean islands, Asia & Europe. An overview of our studio and portfolio can be explored at www.TAL-Studio.com. Beyond the expanded descriptions of the positions for which we are currently retaining talent, we’re most excited by outstanding design professionals that enthusiastically and confidently see themselves as being a few of the following:

1. Innovative & progressive

2. Intelligent & smart

3. Experienced & wise

4. Successful & accomplished

5. Worldly & discerning

6. Stylish & fashionable

7. Well read & articulate

8. Curious & conversational

9. Well-spoken & opinionated

10. Motivated & self-directed

11. Multi-talented and somewhat brilliant

12. Agile & evolving

13. Fun & exciting to spend our days with

The ideal candidate will have an understanding of the total project process from concept to completion, and have seasoned experience in working with owners, operators, and peer consultants of world-class reputation. Candidates are expected to demonstrate a proven track record based upon successful project experience with top-tier owners, operators, or other relevant professional experience. TAL Studio is consistently retained by the most esteemed global luxury developers & operating brands. International travel is one of the dynamic opportunities afforded to the TAL Studio team. Each of our studio positions is highly collaborative throughout all phases. Our clients are demanding, the expectations of our team are high, but the opportunity, reward, work environment, and company culture we provide are rare. By design, we are a mid-size firm that has earned big-size prestige and super-size fun.


Bachelors/Professional Degree in Interior Design, Architecture, or 3D Visualization.


Autodesk AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word/Excel software, 3Dmax, SketchUP, Revit, Spexx.

Las Vegas is a fast-growing, progressive city offering far more than what is commonly perceived by people that only know it as a tourist destination. Las Vegas offers an opportunity to own your own home due to its low cost-of-living, and is experiencing dynamic cultural growth with a great sense of community. Thank you. TAL Studio www.tal-studio.com Las Vegas NV portfolio@tal-studio.com Las Vegas