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Los Angeles , CA

Research Scientist

VoxelCloud Inc.
Los Angeles, CA Full-time
Posted on August 25, 2019
VoxelCloud Inc. Research Scientist We have opening for FULL-TIME Research Scientist in our office, Los Angeles, CA. Duties includes: (1) Research and develop machine learning models of object detection, image classification and semantic segmentation that are specifically adopted to the application domain. (2) Establish the methodology for an AI-driven skin triage solution. (3) Perform research and provide statistical solutions to address data challenges during the annotation process, which includes but not limited to multi-reader variation, distribution shift and interactive annotation. (4) Research and develop analytical framework for medical image data analysis, annotation quality and machine learning model evaluation. (5) Facilitate data governance, annotation and analytics for the purpose of machine learning model research and development. (6) Publish results in the top conferences and journals in the fields of medical imaging or computer vision. (7) Follow recent publications in the designated field and topics for company internal discussions. (8) Draft research proposal, patent and supporting documents for clinical trials. Position requires Doctorate (PhD) degree in computer science, statistics, applied mathematics or a related field, solid understanding and hands on expertise in solving computer vision problems using deep learning, with documented proof of knowledge and skills including publications in professional journals or conferences in computer vision or medical imaging, also proficiency in major deep learning framework such as tensorflow, and familiarity with medical videos or images. Please mail resume to VoxelCloud Inc., 1063 Gayley Ave, 3rd Floor, Los Angeles, CA, 90024