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Elementary Teacher

Watts Learning Center
Los Angeles, CA Full-time
Posted on July 20, 2018



Teaches self -contained classes in kindergarten through grade five in elementary schools, and/or core classes in grades six at the middle school, in accordance with the requirements of approved courses of study and at a rate and level commensurate with established expected student progress expectations, using adopted textbooks and other instructional materials authorized for such courses. Work is performed under the supervision of the Director of the school.


Instructional Process

o Uses information about individual students academic strengths, needs, and progress in planning. Designs activities to engage students in cognitively challenging work aligned to standards.

o Uses resources that will promote high levels of learning and student engagement in the classroom environment

o Supports and cooperates with colleagues in order to promote a professional school culture.

o Closely monitors student learning in order to understand how students are progressing toward the learning objectives and provides students with instructive and timely feedback that will move their learning forward

o Establishes a classroom environment that is safe and supportive, risk -taking is encouraged, students feel free to contribute their ideas, and teacher and student interactions are respectful and polite to promote a positive learning environment for all students

o Works effectively with students, parents, staff members, and community representatives in providing a rigorous educational program.

o Communicates with families to create a partnership around student learning by providing information about the instructional program and the progress of their child(ren).

o Encourages student enthusiasm for the learning process and the development of good study habits.

o Differentiates instruction to meet diverse student learning needs

o Recognizes learning problems and makes referrals as appropriate.

o Initiates or participates in Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings with administrators, faculty, parents, and other parties involved to develop an IEP for eligible students, implements the IEP goals and continually monitors student progress toward IEP goal achievement.

o Uses effective oral and written expression


Curriculum Development

o Cooperates with the school faculty and administration in the development of a coherent program of instruction.

o Keeps current in subject matter knowledge and learning theory and is willing to share this knowledge for continual improvement of the school's curriculum.

o Assists on the ongoing curriculum revision process, including inquiry based multi age education.


Classroom Management

o Provides clear behavior expectations for students and monitors student behavior throughout the class and school campus

o Follows established policies and procedures for reporting incidents (e.g., child abuse, substance abuse, harassment, and violence).

o Takes necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials and facilities.



Professional Growth

o Continues professional growth through attendance at workshops, seminars, conferences, and/or advanced course work at institutions of higher learning.

o Cooperates with the administration in planning appropriate in-service training programs at the school.

o Attends staff and committee meetings as required.



o Must have a Bachelors Degree from an accredited college or university.

o Must have a valid California Multi Subject Teaching Credential.